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Our Promise

Committed to Your Main Street


We Understand Main Streets

Our 'boots-on-the-ground approach to working with Main Street communities has allowed us to gain extensive expertise and understanding of business start-up and development, economic growth, and community placemaking in both rural and urban communities. We know Main Streets and can customize solutions that work for your unique community.


We focus on outcomes

Providing guidance on WHAT needs to be done is easy, but showing HOW and WHEN to do it is challenging. At Main Street Matters, we prioritize implementation and execution over simply outlining WHAT needs to be done. When you work with us, you’ll receive more than just a well-written document - you’ll receive actionable plans, templates, and toolkits that will help you move past ideation and the data analyses to justify your decisions.


We have the lived experience

Our team not only has the book-learning necessary for local economic development, we have the lived experience to review, assess and implement it. We've worked in economic development, business area improvement, community placement, and small business consulting and are business owners in our own right. Let our experience work for you.


We believe in local

Our team is passionate about small businesses and the value they bring. People are looking for Main Streets that provide them with access to the products, services, culture and entertainment that meets their lifestyle needs. People want to enjoy the simplicity of knowing their neighbours and where their goods and services come from. ‘Grow, Shop, and Live Local’ is not just a catchphrase, it’s a way of life and we deliver on this promise.

Meet the Team

Meet The Team

Ramona (Ciparis) Gallagher

With over 25 years of experience, Ramona is a seasoned professional who advises, consults, and coaches businesses. She specializes in micro-business and start-ups, especially for those who face barriers due to income, (dis)ability, or resources. She has partnered with many organizations to support small businesses in Ontario.

Ramona is also a successful entrepreneur who launched a global e-commerce site in the early days of online commerce and owns several businesses. She is a well-known speaker, writer, trainer, and facilitator in the international arena.

Ramona was the Program Manager for My Main Street, a program that helped over 650 business owners across the province with funding, resources, and referrals. She has a Bachelor of Commerce degree from McMaster University and teaches Global Business Management at Conestoga College

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Bob Darling

Bob has a unique and rare background as both an entrepreneur and a public sector leader. He founded the successful Turtle Jacks restaurant chain and served as Brampton’s former Director of Economic Development, Culture, Entrepreneurship, and Sponsorship. Bob knows how to build respectful relationships and overcome challenges to achieve results. He has also helped to create local strategic plans that integrate business, culture and tourism to strengthen communities and public engagement.

As an Ambassador for the My Main Street program for Brampton and Burlington, he understands the realities and challenges that small business owners face. Bob’s key to success is earning the trust of business owners, landowners, investors, and political leaders at all levels.

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